We train athletes. We train teams. We train clubs.

Why Choose Hammer Athletics?

The common threats binding Hammer with our clients are desire, passion, and drive. The desire to be the best, the passion to win and the drive to stare adversity in the face and conquer it.

Our objective is to create a balance between strength, power, and speed. we train for functional based sports performance. We embrace the foundation of traditional strength and conditioning but crate and implement the most advanced science based training formula. With over 25 years of experience training professional and elite athletes we are experts in sports performance, constantly evolving and developing the most dynamic performance philosophies.

Knowing our formula is proven to help you to push harder and risk more along trustworthy disciplines. Hammer is not a comfy place. There are no TV’s, no place to sit, and no mirrors. The training is the most challenging experience you will ever endure. There are no shortcuts. Physical and mental breakdowns occur daily.


To maintain the spirit, we choose only clients that have the ability to adapt to our philosophy. Hammer is private, not for everyone, but not closed.

Our training is the most challenging experience you will ever endure. There are no short cuts. Physical and mental breakdowns occur daily.

One Strength Training™ is the most complete strength training program designed to elevate your sports performance. 

We have the following programs and classes:

  • Pro Athlete Performance Training
  • Sports Specific Team Training
  • Tactical Strength & Conditioning
  • One on One Sports Specific Training
  • Speed & Agility Training
  • Small Group Strength Training


We work with athletes of all ages and skill level.

We have had the pleasure to be able to work with some of the most elite and professional athletes in the world. We not only work with pro athletes, but we also work with athletes of any age and any skill level. The training focus of our programs is to create the most science-based sports specific workout you’ve ever experienced.