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Sports Performance Training

The common traits binding Hammer with our clients are desire, passion, and drive. The desire to be the best, the passion to win and the drive to stare adversity in the face and conquer it. If you are looking for sports performance training, Hammer Fitness is leading the way!

What is Our Objective, as an Athletes Training Center?

Our objective is to create a balance between strength, power, and speed. We provide functional sports performance training. We embrace the foundation of traditional strength and conditioning but create and implement the most advanced science-based training formula. Join us and be apart of our intense, yet rewarding, sports training center. 

Why Should You Join Our Sports Facility?

With over 25 years of experience training professional and elite athletes in our sports training facility– we are experts in sports performance, constantly evolving and developing the most dynamic performance philosophies.

Knowing our sports performance training formula is proven to help you to push harder and risk more along trustworthy disciplines. Hammer is not a “comfy” sports training center. There are no TV’s, no place to sit, and no mirrors. The athletes training center is the most challenging experiences you will ever endure. There are no shortcuts. Physical and mental breakdowns occur daily with the type of sports performance training that we do.

In our professional athletic performance center, we work with athletes of all ages and skill level. We have had the pleasure to be able to work with some of the most elite and professional athletes in the world in our sports training facility. We not only work with pro athletes, but we also work with athletes of any age and any skill level. The training focus of our programs is to create the most science-based sports specific workout you’ve ever experienced. To let the most out of your sports performance training, call Hammer Fitness today!

Train With The Best

One Strength Training

“I started training with Hammer Human performance for summer. I was a nationally ranked athlete in both the hammer throw and weight throw in high school with multiple sport MVPs, continued to a Division one track and field program to which I have always placed in our conference championships. I was then recruited to try out for the women’s US bobsled team. However in so many years of training, I have never truly felt like an elite athlete until this summer. In only a few months of hard training, my body has transformed and raised the bar for me as an athlete. I finally feel ready to compete in the combine heading into Olympic year. Stephen Gourlay has done an amazing job developing an elite team of passionate, knowledgeable individuals whom exemplify excellence. I am very lucky to have had the opportunity to spend time at the Hammer athletic performace center, and I hope our friendship develops into a long lasting one. Thanks Hammer Human Performance for your motivation, time, and efforts. I am forever grateful.”